XXIII Congresso Nacional de Medicina Intensiva



Médicos: Sócio – 50€ / Não Sócio – 100€

Enfermeiros: Sócio – 25€ / Não Sócio – 50€


Mechanical ventilation: It's all about preventing harm! Antero Fernandes; João Gouveia

-Using the classical modes - Luciano Gattinoni

-APRV / TCAV is the way to go - Penny Andrews

Fifty shades of shock. Filipe Gonzalez; Miguel Tavares

- The flip side of shock: venous congestion - Jon Emily Kenny and Phillipe Rola

- Is there a role for angiotensin II in septic shock - Dr. Ashish K. Khanna

- SHINE - is this a useful concept ? - Dr. PärIngemar Johansson

What’s new in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Rui Araújo; Rui Gomes

- The new guidelines! - Jerry Nolan

- Dam the algorithm: I follow physiology! - Phillip Fortuna?

- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the COVID-19 era! - Nuno Cartoze

Pneumonia: Hot topics in 2021. Filipe Froes; Paulo Mergulhão

- Pathways for acute respiratory critical patients in 2021 - José Artur Paiva

- Hospital-acquired pneumonia: strategies for optimal treatment  - Ricard Ferrer

- Pharmacological therapy for severe COVID-19 -  Jens Lundeberg

Intensive Care Medicine: looking forward - João Colaço, Paulo Mergulhão

- Information systems and artificial intelligence: Maurizio Cecconi,  Susana Vieira

- Closing session: João Gouveia

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